Phibro Aqua products are scientifically developed to provide different animal species the nutrients they need to help them stay healthy.


Certain products and formulations displayed on this site may not be approved for use in all countries. Please check with your local Phibro representative for use restrictions and product safety and/or warning information required in your area.

About Phibro Aqua

Growing worldwide demand for high quality protein, combined with expanding human populations and decreasing wild stocks of fish, assures an increased future need on aquaculture products and technologies.

The challenge is to develop profitable and sustainable aquaculture practices which will implement advanced technologies. These technologies will allow aquaculture to make a significant contribution to future supplies of aquatic products.

Phibro Aqua is a division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation, a diversified global developer and manufacturer of a broad range of animal health and nutrition products for the poultry, swine, cattle, dairy and aquaculture markets.

Phibro Aqua has developed a strong team of fish health specialists and scientists with a focus on providing the global aquaculture industry with cost effective health management solutions in order to maximize the productivity of our customer’s farms. The Phibro Aqua team brings our customers a full range of expertise in production and operation, fish health management, disease diagnosis and vaccination.

Phibro Aqua operates comprehensive Research and Development facilities. These facilities include a large scale wet lab for clinical evaluation of fish vaccines, medication and feed additives. Phibro Aqua's lab includes full diagnostic services addressing parasitology, bacteriology, histopathology and molecular-biology.

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