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Cellerate Yeast Solutions ®

Cellerate Yeast Solutions® is a unique portfolio of yeast culture products from Phibro. Products within this portfolio are recommended to be fed every day to dry, pre-fresh and lactating cows, young calves and heifers to help support optimum rumen function that may lead to improved fiber digestion, DMI, growth and milk production.

Culture Classic

  • A double fermentation process takes the original formula of a classic yeast culture to the next level creating Culture Classic. It is dried slowly with low heat to preserve the yeast culture effectiveness and efficacy of the product. Culture Classic can help support fiber digestion, DMI, growth and milk production. For many years, yeast culture products have been shown to support overall rumen health and fermentation.

Culture Classic HD

  • Culture Classic HD is a high-density formula based on our original yeast culture, allowing a lower inclusion in the diet. It is fortified to preserve the value of live cell yeast, which may help enhance rumen activity.  This captures the advantage of helping to support improved fiber digestion, DMI, growth and milk production.

Culture Classic Plus

  • Culture Classic Plus is based on the original yeast culture formula and fortified to help enhance rumen function, which provides benefits from yeast culture, yeast cell wall and live yeast. It is designed to be fed when cattle are challenged with poor quality forages and/or excessive pathogens. This product helps enhance rumen fermentation activity and may improve fiber digestion, DMI, growth and milk production.



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