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Pelleting Agents


Pelleting has long been recognized as a means of maximizing feed utilization and profitability for both producer and feed manufacturer.  However, it remains as much an art as it is a science.  The reasons for this are tied to the unpredictability of ingredients and their relationships to each other as well as to the production processes. 
We offer the entire line of our Uniscope brand pelleting agents.  These products provide solutions that improve pellet quality and production demands of today’s customer.
Our pelleting agents include:
  • Bin-Aid®
  • Molastik®
  • Pel-Aid®
  • Super-Bind®
  • Super Lube®
  • Xtra-Dry® 

Bin-Aid®, Molastik®, Pel-Aid®, Super-Bind®, Super Lube® and Xtra-Dry® are trademarks owned by or licensed to Phibro Animal Health Corporation and its affiliates.
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