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Our breadth of products is brought to you at a level of purity second to none. And they're developed with technological advances that optimize performance while remaining friendly to the environment.

Look around at the things you see every day. What keeps them working as well, shining as bright or lasting as long as they do? In many cases, it’s one of our products.

At Phibro Animal Health Corporation, our Performance Products businesses develop and distribute ingredients for a diverse range of industries, such as personal care, automotive, industrial chemical and chemical catalyst industries.

We start with the highest quality resources. Then we add a strong commitment to providing the best solutions for each of our customers. Finally, we support these solutions with unparalleled customer service to ensure that our products do exactly what you need them to do.

Taking your products to the next level

Our products are the ingredients that make your products better. Whether you need to enhance the color in your paint, prevent cavities or keep your wooden deck looking great for years, our Performance Products companies are dedicated to making sure your applications will outperform the competition. And we do it with a cost-conscious and environmentally friendly approach that takes our customers — and our earth — into consideration.

Find out how our products can benefit:

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