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All of our products are developed to provide you with the purest ingredients for your production needs.

Strength and beauty that go the distance

“Necessity, the mother of invention.”

When Plato penned this idea around 400 BC, he could not have anticipated the vast multitude of innovations that we use in our world today. And the necessities we have today are the impetus behind the products we develop for coatings and adhesives.

When the automotive industry, for example, began upgrading its car interiors with innovative moldable materials, it needed a way to apply paint that would stand up to handling, spills and extreme temperatures.

At PhibroChem, one of our Performance Products companies, we provide the industry with an ingredient that allows paint to stick to steering wheels and dashboards, protecting them for years from sticky fingers and sun damage.

For paints, coatings and adhesives that look great and last for years, our quality products and top-notch customer support are the reasons our customers stick with us.

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