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All of our products are developed to provide you with the purest ingredients for your production needs.

Clean alternative fuel

There are more than 6 million flexible-fuel vehicles, or FFVs, being driven today that use ethanol as an alternative fuel source. Ethanol is a high-octane, clean-burning, renewable fuel that reduces harmful auto emissions. It’s also easier on the wallet than expensive crude oil.

And though ethanol keeps FFVs driving cleaner and more efficiently, the production of this alternative fuel is a complicated process using living organisms that must be kept healthy. That’s where we come in.

At Phibro Animal Health Corporation, our Ethanol Performance Group provides the ingredients that keep harmful bacteria at bay so yeast can do its job. Lactrol® antimicrobial provides effective, flexible, safe and cost-effective reduction of bacterial contamination during alcohol fermentation. In June 2010, an independent panel of experts concluded that Lactrol’s virginiamycin is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) for its intended use as a processing aid in the production of ethanol and distillers’ grain. Visit to learn more.

Alternative fuel kept healthy by our products — because, in the end, it’s our environment that benefits most.

Lend me an ear

Ethanol can be made by a variety of grains, but its most common source is corn. The production of ethanol begins by breaking down the starch in corn into simple sugars. Then, in a process known as fermentation, yeast is added to the sugar. The yeast feeds on the sugar and produces carbon dioxide and ethanol as waste products. The ethanol is then distilled, dehydrated and prepared for use as fuel.

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