Nutritional Solutions To Help Support Healthy Dairy Cattle

Mastitis, heat stress, days open and issues such as Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS) can mean significant challenges for any dairy. OmniGen® nutritional specialty products can provide immune support to help maintain herd health.


Immune support as a first line of defense against a fatal syndrome


Immune support led to 10 fewer days open in dairy herd trials1


Improved immune function led to a reduction in mastitis cases from 18% to 10%2


Mitigates effects of heat stress to protect DMI and production

1Casarotto et al., 2020. Economic Impacts of Feeding OmniGen to Multiparous Dry Holstein Dairy Cows.
2Mammi, L. et al., 2015. PAHC Reference OG050815

Dairy Cattle Resources

See peer-reviewed research and veterinarian insights. Uncover promising trends and methods for dairy herd health management.

Heat Stress

Unmitigated heat stress can cost an average of $264 per cow3 per year. Fortunately, there are products designed to help.

Learning About HBS

Minnesota dairy producer teams up with Phibro to assess a herd fraught with health and production challenges.

Reduced Days Open

Feeding OmniGen AF to dairy cows from dry-off to 150 DIM was associated with improved health and performance.


Findings suggest OmniGen AF prepares animals to better resist mastitis infection

3Key, N. et al., 2014. Climate Change, Heat Stress, and U.S. Dairy Production, Rep. No. 175

Dairy Cattle Products

OmniGen nutritional specialty products can help supplement your management strategy with a proven 2.5:1 return on investment.4

Optimized Formulation

The solution you know with proven ingredients for dairy cattle nutrition to ensure healthy immune function.

Specialized Formulation

Unique combination of all-natural yeast fermentation products and other ingredients to support healthy immune function and help improve profitability.

Solution for Organic Dairies

OmniGen Green is Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

Supports dairy cattle for organic milk production with an all-natural combination of ingredients.

Wild Yeast Management

Wild Yeast Management Features added ingredients to manage the effects of wild yeast for your ration.
4Actual results my vary.

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Hear From Producers

Matthew Beckerink
Owner & General Manager, Dutch Road Dairy

Joshua DeBoover & Bob Weigert
DeBoover Family Farms

Meet the OmniGen® Team

Brooke Humphrey
Ph.D., Senior Director, Research and Development
James D. Chapman
Ph.D., Senior Research Leader, Research and Development
David J. Kirk
Ph.D., PAS, Director, Dairy Technical Services
Paulo Rezende-Napier
Marketing Director AB20®, Provia Prime and OmniGen®
Scott Bascom
Ph.D., Executive Technical Services Manager

Our Dynamic Quality Assurance® program is not just about testing ingredients. It is our promise to produce only the highest-quality products – from sourcing of raw materials and our manufacturing process to industry-leading expertise and technical support. It is this commitment to excellence that helps us ensure our products are safe and effective for your animals.

Questions About OmniGen?

What is unique about the OmniGen family of nutritional specialty products?
Whether they choose to feed OmniGen Pro, OmniGen AF, OmniGen Green or OmniGen WYC, dairy producers can count on the OmniGen family of nutritional specialty products to help their dairy cows maintain a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system can lead to improved health during all phases of lactation.
What is the impact of heat stress on dairy cows and the dairy industry?
Heat stress costs the U.S. dairy industry $1.5 billion annually. When temperatures and humidity interact to create a Temperature Humidity Index of 68, dairy cows can experience heat stress, leading to lower milk production, increased metabolic disorders, reduced reproductive performance and impaired immune function. OmniGen nutritional specialty products help producers stay a step ahead of heat stress by supporting a healthy immune system. Cows with improved immune function can improve producers’ bottom lines as well as cow comfort and health.
How can producers be confident in the quality of OmniGen ingredients?
All OmniGen nutritional specialty products are backed by Phibro’s Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA®) program, meaning they’ve undergone a stringent and rigorous testing program.
Which OmniGen product is right for an organic dairy?
OmniGen Green is a nutritional specialty product that was designed to help organic dairy producers optimize profitability and organic milk quality.
How might I go about arranging an interview with a Phibro expert?
To arrange an interview or speak with a Phibro expert, please contact: Nancy Hallahan Media Relations Phone: 314.505.5227 Time Zone: CST Email: Phibro has experts versed in a range of subject matters including Brooke Humphrey, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research and Development; James Chapman, Ph.D., Senior Research Leader, Research and Development; Dave Kirk, Ph.D., PAS, Director, Dairy Technical Services; Paulo Rezende-Napier, Marketing Director; Scott Bascom, Ph.D., Executive Technical Services Manager.  In addition, we also have experts in other areas related to nutrition, immunity and cow health.
What research is available to support the performance of the OmniGen family of products?
The OmniGen Research Index is a collection of over 110 published university research and field studies. The research shows that continual feeding of OmniGen helps support a healthy immune system, which may lead to fewer health events, lower somatic cell counts and fewer cases of mastitis and metritis. With healthy immune function, dairy cattle are better prepared for stressors, reducing the need for antibiotics and other costly treatments, helping cows achieve their full potential while optimizing production costs and overhead. This research is available in Research Index Volume 4, which can be found in the resources section of the website here.
What are the primary benefits of a healthy immune system in dairy cattle?
Increased milk production, better health and improved reproductive performance are among the primary benefits of feeding OmniGen. A recent study by the University of Florida showed a 2.5:1* return on investment (ROI) when feeding OmniGen nutritional specialty product. This study included an economic analysis and was presented at the American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting in June 2020. This study showed a benefit of $79 per cow minus a feed cost of $32, which resulted in an estimated 2.5:1* ROI, due to increased milk production, better health and improved reproductive performance.
*Actual results may vary. Economic Impact of Feeding OmniGen to Multiparous Dry Holstein Dairy Cows. Casarotto et al., 2020.

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