Zinc Supplement for Livestock
Guaranteed Analysis: per 100g

  • Zinc (Zn) 26.0g

  • Net Wt: 25 kg
    Ingredients: Zinc Glycine Complex


Directions for Use:

  • LIVESTOCK TYPE Add GemStone Zn 260 to feed
  • Dairy Cattle** 1385 mg/head/day
  • Dairy Heifers 875 mg/head/day
  • Calves 465 mg/head/day
  • Beef Feedlot Cattle 1155 mg/head/day
  • Beef Cows 1330 mg/head/day
  • Beef Heifers 750 mg/head/day
  • Sows 850 mg/head/day
  • Pigs Nursery 190 mg/head/day
  • Pigs Grower/Finisher 565 mg/head/day
  • Broilers 3.45 mg/head/day
  • Broiler Breeders 8.79 mg/head/day
  • Laying Hens 9.62 mg/head/day
  • Turkeys 8.37 mg/head/day
  • **High producing dairy cows may need higher levels of Zinc to meet their daily requirements. The above feed recommendations are based on National Research Council (NRC) data; contact a professional nutritionist for individualised recommendations for your business.

Manufactured By:

Prince Agri Products, Inc.
Quincy, IL 62305

Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Lot Number: 123456
Date of Manufacture: 23 FEB 2015

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