Animate Anionic mineral supplement for Non-lactating dairy cattle.




PhibroMonensin 400 g/kg Monensin (as monensin sodium).




Omnigen-AF An advanced formulation of biologically active ingredients in a premix for livestock.



GemStone Zn 260

GemStone Zn 260 Offers a proven portfolio of organic trace minerals, all of which are designed to support optimal nutrition and simple integration into your feeding program.


Securi is an innovative formulation of NATURAL ingredients that helps support rumen function, which supports animal efficiency and the reduction of methane emissions. Securi can be used daily to provide a consistent and easily manageable route to support high producing animals.
Securi is a synergistic combination of NATURAL essential oils, tannins and flavonoids, specially selected to support optimal rumen and tissue function. When Securi is fed to support rumen health, dairy cattle have exhibited improved nutrient absorption which supports performance improvements including, milk production and feed conversion. In addition, in vitro rumen fermentation studies show a significant reduction of methane emissions.