Since 1982, PhibroChem® and Nippon Paper Industries have partnered offering a broad range of high performance polyolefin adhesion promoter resins to the US market.
Our CASE product line, featuring Nippon Paper Industries’ adhesion promoters also include a specialty line of resins, additives and effects pigments.
PhibroChem’s sales and technical support team are available to assist you in the selection of the best products to meet your requirements.


A high-performance adhesion promoter for paint, coatings, ink and adhesives. Its applications include automotive parts, such as bumpers, interior parts, films, adhesives and printing inks. Most commonly Superchlon is used to provide adhesion to low surface energy substrates containing olefinic material. This benefit explains the long history of use within the automotive industry and the further branching out into other applications.

Super Chlorinated Resin Solution – SCR 465X20

Advanced Chlorinated Polyolefin adhesion promoter resin provides superior bonding to olefin containing plastics including Polypropylene and ThermoPlastic Olefin (TPO). Automotive paint companies will achieve excellent results using SCR 465X20. Non-automotive suppliers will achieve broad adhesion performance across many substrates including other plastics, steel and aluminum. Formulating is easy since SCR 465X20 is supplied as a ready to use solution conveniently incorporated into your formula.
Also adheres well to PET, Nylon, ABS, PVC and many types of metal. Formulated products can be spray applied with commercial spray equipment or packaged in aerosol cans.


A non-chlorinated acrylic modified polyolefin resin used in primers, coatings, laminates and adhesives to gain good adhesion to a variety of low surface energy substrates.
It provides excellent adhesion under a wide range of conditions to non-polar substrates such as polypropylene (PP) as well as to polar substrates like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and aluminum. Auroren demonstrates good solubility in aromatic solvents and can be compounded to meet the latest hazardous air pollutant (HAP) and volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations. Available in pellets and waterborne emulsion.
Superchlon and Auroren are trademarks of Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., LTD., licensed to Phibro Animal Health Corporation.
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Cycloaliphatic Epoxy

TTA21 is our product name for 3,4-Epoxycyclohexylmethyl 3, 4-Epoxycyclohexane Carboxylate, one of the popular choice of cycloaliphatic epoxides. Two package and UV cure formulas use TTA21 to create better crosslink and enhance adhesion. Each molecule creates high cross linking due to the dual epoxide functionality which can react with hydroxyl, carboxyl or amine groups of polymers contained in the system. End uses take advantage of the UV stability and low viscosity compared to other epoxy resin. In the electrical field this end applications use the low shrink and non-conductive properties for potting compounds, insulating varnishes and an alternative to porcelain insulators.
Lastly in some halogen containing materials TTA21 performs as the preferred acid scavenger to provide package stability.

Key Feature/Benefits
Stable to UV light makes this the preferred epoxy for exterior applications
Low Shrinkage provides the best performance in electrical molding applications
Low viscosity allows to formulate in higher solids
Low conductivity gives an alternative material for electrical insulators

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PhibroPearl® Pearlescent Pigments

PhibroChem’s line of PhibroPearl pearlescent pigments includes a broad offering of satin and interference pearl pigments. Often pearl pigments are used to create a metallic effect. Beyond the metallic look PhibroPearl is a high-value, high-quality solution for achieving special-effect color matches.
PhibroPearl uses mica particles that are coated with metal oxides. Pearl-like luster is created when incident light is reflected or refracted by the metal oxide coatings. In part color is determined by the metal oxide coating thickness. These inorganic pigments provide a wide array of color effects.
PhibroPearl Series Description
Silver White – Traditional white micas
Interference – All colors of the rainbow
Gold Luster – Range of gold and copper
Color & Pigmentation – Added Opacity
Iron Metallic Luster – All new metallic look
Diamond – New Glass sheet based mica
Crystal – New Synthetic mica with a new look

Plastics- Used to provide uniquely decorative colors to bottles and other plastic objects.
Paint- Used in waterborne, solvent based and powder coatings. Provides designers with more options to decorate various parts.
Printing Inks- Broadly used in the printing business for many specialty colors.
Paper- Used in many kinds of coated and specialty paper, such as advertisement wall paper, and packing.
Leather- Used to blend into inks to use for printing on the leather surface.
Cosmetics- Used in lipstick, eyes-shadow, nail polish and make-up powder. Meets all cosmetic safety standards.