About Us

Welcome to Phibro’s Ethanol.

Our story begins nearly 3 decades ago with a single product and an industry beginning to expand with the use of ethanol as an oxygenate to reduce carbon monoxide tailpipe emissions.   An early step in addressing climate change encouraged and increased production of biofuels during the 1990s. Ethanol demand expanded in 2005 with help from with the first Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. With determination and integrity, today’s Phibro Ethanol business unit has grown into a global division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation, serving this vital industry and as a voice for carbon reduction in transportation fuels. Now nearly ninety people strong, our team values the trust placed in our products and our people.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated every day by members of our team, who like to say, “it’s just what we do” when really… it is who we are. Phibro Ethanol started with one product, Lactrol®, used to manage bacterial growth in fermentation that is still one of our most successful products sold today. Our current broad portfolio of products, backed by in-house manufacturing, innovative research, and exceptional service, are the core of our partnerships with ethanol producers and their stakeholders in agriculture. With a growing line of natural, sustainably produced products, we offer responsible solutions which will continue to fuel and feed the world.

Our future looks extremely bright, guided by the same commitment to integrity and demanding work that brought us to where we are today. Our beliefs and responsibilities, shared below, are core to our operations each day.