Total Cleaning Program™ (TCP)

Phibro TCP (Total Cleaning Program) is a turnkey solution that provides ethanol producers with reliable and consistent Clean in Place (CIP) performance, cost savings and improved plant operational efficiencies. Phibro TCP is fully customized to meet unique plant operational demands. The system utilizes deposit-prevention technologies that reduce the rate and degree of foulant formation to keep plants running more efficiently between cleaning events. It then applies advanced detergent rinse aids and CIP formulations that effectively and efficiently remove deposits that negatively impact plant performance.

Phibro TCP products include:

  • PhibroAC™: Acid plus detergent CIP concentrate
  • PhibroClean™: Surfactant-based detergent cleaner
  • PhibroSI™: Inorganic Scale Inhibitor
  • PhibroDC®: Organic Deposit control agent

Phibro TCP system utilizes a PLC-driven automated dosing and reporting system that delivers accurate and consistent application of Phibro’s range of deposit control and CIP cleaning formulations. The system also provides a means for ethanol plant management to track chemical usage and overall CIP costs in real time.


PhibroAC is a concentrated CIP solution with powerful dual-action cleaning to effectively remove organic and inorganic deposits.

  • Complete CIP Solution for all Cleaning Applications
  • Concentrated Acid Plus Detergent Cleaner
  • Formulated to Remove Organic and Inorganic Deposits
  • Effective Disinfectant Properties


PhibroClean improves deposit removal efficiencies during rinse and CIP cycles, improving CIP effectiveness while reducing costs.

  • CIP Cost Savings
  • Enhanced CIP Effectiveness
  • Shorter CIP Cycles
  • Reduced Infection Rates


PhibroDC is formulated to reduce the rate of organic deposit formation in fuel ethanol plants, contributing to improved plant performance and reduced CIP costs.

  • Improves overall process consistency and performance.
  • Reduces frequency and duration of CIP events.
  • Reduces CIP chemical usage and cost.


PhibroSI is specifically formulated to reduce scale formation prevalent in fuel ethanol plants, thereby improving plant performance and reducing the need for hydroblasting.
PhibroSI effectively reduces the formation of:

  • Beer Stone (Calcium and Magnesium Oxalate)
  • Struvite
  • Combined Organic and Inorganic Deposits
  • Calcium and Magnesium Phytates