Phibro AC™

PhibroAC‘s superior performance is the result of combining a highly efficient, low-foaming surfactant system with an acid concentrate, to provide a powerful dual-action cleaning system.
Removing and controlling deposit build-up in evaporators and other plant equipment can keep your ethanol plant running smoother and more efficiently.
When used regularly as part of your  Clean In Place (CIP) program, PhibroAC provides the cleaning power needed to remove and reduce the formation of the most difficult to eliminate deposits found in ethanol production facilities including:

  • Beer Stone (calcium and magnesium oxalates)
  • Struvite
  • Calcium and magnesium phytates
  • Combined organic / inorganic deposits

For additional information on PhibroAC contact Phibro EPG.
Technical Data Sheet


PhibroClean is a proprietary surfactant formulation that improves CIP efficiency and effectiveness in ethanol production facilities. PhibroClean helps remove bacteria harboring deposits that caustic alone will not remove, improving plant performance and helping to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. When used as part of a plant’s ongoing CIP program, PhibroClean removes more deposits during CIP cleaning and helps keep plant equipment clean through regular use, by controlling the reformation of deposits on evaporators, pipes and other plant equipment
PhibroClean meets regulations for direct food contact per 21 CFR 173.340, and is safe as a processing aid during the production of DDG co-products at fuel and beverage ethanol facilities.
For additional information on PhibroClean contact Phibro EPG
Technical Data Sheet