The EPG products are of the highest quality to provide cost effective treatment to help optimize plant operations. The portfolio of products consists of antimicrobials, yeast, process cleaning products, and corn oil recovery products that will bring value to a plant’s bottom line. The sale of the products are then supported by a technical team and state-of-the-art lab to help improve efficiency for ethanol bio-refineries.

  • Antimicrobial

    Lactrol® Lactrol  antimicrobial is a cost-effective management tool for controlling ba... more ->

  • Yeast Solutions

    PhibroADY™ PhibroADY is a specially selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, developed speci... more ->

  • Process Aids

    PhibroBreak™ PhibroBreak corn oil yield enhancers are next generation NON- SORBATE formulations that help increas... more ->

  • Cleaning Products

    Phibro AC™ PhibroAC's superior performance is the result of combining a highly efficient, low-foaming surfactant... more ->