Ask Dr. Dorman | Welcoming Questions to Earn Trust in Animal Agriculture

What do animals eat? Why are they kept indoors? Are there antibiotics in my meat?
Consumers today are more interested in their food than ever before – how it’s produced, who’s producing it and the impact on people, animals and our planet. They have lots of questions and deserve balanced, credible information. That’s where Dr. Leah Dorman comes in: veterinarian, farmer, wife, mom and Phibro’s Director of Communications and Consumer Engagement – roles unique in the animal health space and roles that help her meaningfully connect with consumers who may share some of those titles. From blogs and videos to presentations and panel discussions, Dr. Dorman shares stories and insights about animal agriculture and the role Phibro plays in keeping animals healthy. Through this content, she creates many “aha” moments with her down-to-earth approach on important topics. Meet Dr. Dorman at our companion site,, where she connects the dots between animal health and a healthy, affordable food supply.

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  • Explore Dr. Dorman’s take on animal agriculture as she dispels myths and highlights advances.
  • Learn how protecting animal health contributes to the health of people and the planet.

  • See Dr. Dorman in action, tackling meaty topics on the farm and beyond.