Phibro is a trusted partner delivering a comprehensive portfolio of animal health solutions and unmatched support. Our research and development team continually works on new discoveries to improve the health and welfare of animals, helping ensure the success of farmers & ranchers around the world. Phibro provides a broad range of proven products for all species, including vaccines, medicated feed additives and animal nutrition and mineral products.

  • Beef Cattle

    Beef producers know there’s more to steak than great taste. A serving of beef is an excellent source of protein, as well as iron, zinc, niacin and vitamin B. It also supp... more ->

  • Swine

    Growing consumer interest in healthy eating is increasing the popularity of pork. With essential vitamins, minerals, protein and energy, pork is packed with nutritional value. It’s... more ->

  • Poultry

    On any given night, families across the globe are confidently serve chicken, turkey and eggs as part of a healthy diet, creatively preparing some of the world’s most versatile food... more ->

  • Dairy Cattle

    New studies are rapidly emerging that reveal the broad health benefits of dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Studies now tell us calcium from dairy foods can ... more ->

  • Aqua

    Our aquaculture products and expertise help our customers meet the growing worldwide demand for high quality protein, while contributing to a more sustainable world by all... more ->

  • Mineral Nutrition

    Mineral Nutrition Good nutrition is as important for animals as it is for people. Our deep understanding of how premium quality minerals are proc... more ->

  • Performance Products

    Performance Products – Our Performance Products Division is comprised of: PhibroChem and Ferro Metal & Chemical- Your leading suppliers of specialty chemicals to the US and European markets. Approaching a century ... more ->