Phibro Biotechnics

Phibro Biotechnics, a division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation (formerly the Osprey Biotechnics division) has 20+ years of experience providing expert microbial contract manufacturing services for a diverse group of clients. Our Phibro Biotechnics Manufacturing and R&D platform in Sarasota, Florida, USA provides all the tools needed to develop a microbe from an isolate in the lab to full scale fermentation manufacturing. In addition, Phibro Biotechnics offers a variety of downstream processing options to suit our clients’ needs, and our various facilities allow us to offer capacity to suit even the largest volume requirements, formulation development and testing, as well as finished packaged goods.

Capabilities at Phibro Biotechnics

  • Over 50,000 liters of fermentation capacity at our Sarasota site, extending to over 1M liters of fermentation capacity across our other Phibro facilities.
  • A team of R&D and expert developmental scientists optimizing and scaling fermentation from benchtop to 15,000+ liter capacity.
  • Downstream processing options that include stabilized liquids, lyophilized powders, and spray dried powders.
  • Dry powder concentrates, bottled liquid products and sachet packaging available from our Sarasota site. Many other bulk and small packaging and formulation options available across Phibro’s network.
  • Formulation development, shelf life, stability testing and regulatory support available.
  • Custom Fermentation
    • Toll Fermentation
      Our expertise lies in large scale custom fermentation of microorganisms belonging to the Genera Pseudomonas and Bacillus; however, we have experience in cultivation of a number of microorganisms. We routinely provide fermentation services for proprietary strains and do so either under Osprey’s parameters or those desired by our client.
    • Pilot Fermentation
      We prefer to perform pilot fermentations of proprietary strains on a laboratory scale prior to large-scale production-sized runs. This allows our scientists to troubleshoot fermentation of new strains to increase the likelihood of success on a large scale. A stringent strain identification and maintenance procedure is performed on all incoming strains to increase the potential of commercial feasibility.
    • Commercial Scale-Up
      Not all strains are conducive to attaining commercially feasible yields in large-scale custom fermentation. We can formulate optimal growth mediums and parameters for a variety of microorganisms.
    • Product Stability
      The viability of microorganisms post-fermentation can often be transient, so our scientists work with each client to find suitable stabilization methods in dried, frozen, and liquid forms.

Phibro Biotechnics specializes in serving clients like:

Start-ups and Innovators who need an all-in-one microbial manufacturing service provider who can take ideas from the benchtop to efficient, full-scale manufactured finished goods.

Global leaders who need a trusted, high quality and professional microbial manufacturer to supplement overall manufacturing capabilities and supply chain.

When you need full microbial development capabilities and a trusted, professional microbial manufacturing partner, please contact us at

Phibro Microbial Home & Industrial Solutions

Phibro Microbial Home & Industrial Solutions has a long history of providing environmentally sustainable, microbial based materials to companies representing household, industrial and institutional sectors. We specialize in the fermentation of beneficial bacterial strains that provide the utmost performance in cleaning, fats; oils and grease degradation; water treatment and bioremediation applications. With R&D and full-scale manufacturing in our Good Manufacturing Practices certified Sarasota, Florida, U.S. based facility, we are ideally situated to provide both technical support and product supply to all corners of the world.

Our Capabilities

  • A diverse team of expert R&D and application scientists eager to solve the greatest formulation challenges and provide support for new product concepts.
  • Field sales force with over 100 years of combined experience in positioning biological solutions as an alternative to conventional chemistries in dozens of applications.
  • Formulation development, shelf life, stability testing and regulatory support available.

Commercial Brands

Many of our products are also recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Safer Choice Program as products that perform and contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment.

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Phibro Plant Solutions

Phibro Plant Solutions offers microbial based products for use as seed treatments and fertilizer companion products. This technology has been utilized by seed companies and growers for over a decade. With R&D and full-scale manufacturing in our Good Manufacturing Practices certified Sarasota, Florida, USA based facility, we provide both technical support and supply products for agricultural applications not only in the U.S. but also globally. We offer ready to use formulations, technical grade bacillus for further formulation and custom manufactured products with a variety of microorganisms, including Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae.

Commercial Brands

  • The Abundance biological fertilizer companion product line is a liquid ready-to-use formulation often applied at planting or in a liquid fertilizer combination. This product line contains multiple species of bacillus, and it is offered in both organic OMRI listed and standard formulations.

  • The MicroAlly biological seed treatment product line is available in both WP (wettable powder) and CL (concentrated liquid) formulations. Both formulations are applied to the seed at extremely low use rates. We offer a variety of bacillus-based combinations and have multiple WP options if an organic OMRI listed product is a priority.

Private labels and formulated products

  • Utilizing bacillus as a base technology, we can also provide combination products including other bacteria and fungi that have proven agronomic benefits.

When you have interest in learning more about our biological plant solutions or are interested in evaluating a product in your operation or business, please contact us at