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Phibro Animal Health Corporation's Tailor-Made autogenous vaccines help you and your operation combat a variety bacteria and viruses that are harmful to your animals. With Phibro as your partner you get the technical support you need to keep your animals healthy.

Offering Additional Value

A new bacterial growth procedure for Enhanced Antigen Surface Expression: “EASE™”. This laboratory technology creates nutrient restricted environments. This restrictive condition induces Gram-negative bacteria to hyper-express nutrient-capturing proteins on their surface. These proteins are highly antigenic and can be utilized by the animal’s immune system to strengthen its response against the pathogenic organisms.

The Adjuvant Company that Understands Vaccines

Phibro’s proprietary adjuvant expertise allows us to formulate all our Tailor-Made® autogenous vaccines by selecting the best adjuvant for the vaccine from a wide range of options by MVP adjuvants®.

Track Your Orders From Start to Finish

User friendly, convenient tool that helps manage your Phibro autogenous vaccine orders 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet and/or computer:

  •    View isolates
  •    Check vaccine inventories
  •    Complete isolate extension paperwork

Visit VAC Tracker™ or download the app for Android or iOS

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**Potency and efficacy of autogenous biologics have not been established.