Proven, Natural Solution for Improved Gut Health in Poultry

A healthy flock starts with a healthy gut.

Improved intestinal integrity can lead to positive impacts across your poultry operation:

  •  Performance and Yield
  •  Intestinal Health
  •  Pathogen Modulation
  •  Nutrient Absorption
  •  Immune Response
  •  Inflammation
  •  Ammonia
  •  Foot Health

Scientifically proven to support gut health for poultry.

For poultry producers, Magni-Phi® nutritional specialty products have consistently demonstrated improved intestinal health and immune response as a natural alternative to antibiotics in countless poultry operations.

5-pt improvement in feed conversion rate*?

It’s all in the research.

*Actual results may vary.


  • Helps support intestinal integrity, which leads to improved immune health
  • Offers increased digestibility, which leads to increased carcass yield
  • Features all-natural ingredients to help meet increasing consumer demand for poultry raised without antibiotics
  • Helps reduce the potential for ammonia output
  • Can be used effectively with live coccidiosis and salmonella vaccines

Magni-Phi Ultra

  • Offers improved efficiency for reduced shipping costs and improved logistics at the customer level
  • Highly efficient feeding rate doubles value with one bag of Magni-Phi Ultra equal to two bags of Magni-Phi
  • Features a higher saponin concentration, as compared to the original Magni-Phi
  • Performs well in low- and high-challenge situations
  • Can be used effectively with live coccidiosis and salmonella vaccines

Poultry Health Research and Resources

See research trials and access helpful resources to support your poultry operation

INFOGRAPHIC: Gut Health Impacts Performance

This one-page infographic highlights research supporting the use of Magni-Phi to support intestinal health in poultry and how intestinal health may impact performance and productivity in poultry.

INFOGRAPHIC: Pathogens Threaten Productivity and Profitability

This one-page infographic highlights research supporting the use of Magni-Phi to support intestinal health in poultry and discusses the importance of optimizing intestinal performance in poultry production.

INFOGRAPHIC: Villi Height Impacts Intestinal Performance

This one-page infographic highlights research supporting the use of Magni-Phi to support intestinal health in poultry and how intestinal health may impact the ability of the bird to defense itself against pathogens in poultry.

Meet the Magni-Phi Experts

Luis Gomez
Sr. Director of Poultry Global Technical Services
Vasil Stanev
Director Global Technical Services Poultry Intestinal Health and Nutrition
Sandra Bonaspetti
Director of Poultry Global Technical Services Intestinal Health and Nutrition
Hector Badillo
SVP Global Marketing

All Magni-Phi products are appropriate for organic production use and are on the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) products list.

Phibro’s DQA® program is not just about testing ingredients. It is our promise to produce only the highest-quality products – from the sourcing of raw materials to our manufacturing process to industry-leading expertise and technical support. It is this commitment to excellence that helps us ensure our products are safe and effective for your animals.

Want To Know More?

How effective are commercially available saponins and polyphenols, like Quillaja saponaria (from the Chilean soap bark tree) and Yucca schidigera (plants common to the American Southwest) in improving the performance of coccidia-vaccinated broilers?
Numerous scientific trials and large-scale commercial use have demonstrated that Magni-Phi, a proprietary blend of polyphenols including quillaja and yucca, can help modulate the immune system of poultry. A balanced immune system can help alleviate inflammatory tissue damage related to live coccidiosis vaccination and, at the same time, help support the immunity development against coccidiosis. This may lead to higher body weight gain and lower feed conversion and mortality of coccidiosis vaccinated birds.
How does Magni-Phi help intestinal health and immunity?
Quillaja and yucca polyphenols in Magni-Phi can help improve the immune response of poultry. An improved immune response can help alleviate non-specific inflammation and may improve leaky gut syndrome. Quillaja saponins can also help stimulate a specific, mostly cell-mediated, immune response to different pathogens, including bacteria, viruses or protozoa. Improved immune response can help improve intestinal morphometrics, absorption of nutrients, body weight gain and feed conversion ratio and may help reduce pathogen load.
How is Magni-Phi different from probiotics?
Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when provided in adequate amounts, can colonize the intestinal tract and produce metabolites. These metabolites can provide benefits to the host. Probiotics need specific conditions and nutrient substrates to affect the intestinal microbiome and produce the respective metabolites. Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product is a phytogenic product containing quillaja and yucca saponins and polyphenols that help to modulate the host’s immune system. A well-balanced immune system can help reduce inflammation and stimulate a specific immune response to different pathogens.
Are there any harmful effects of Magni-Phi on good bacteria in the gut?
We have not observed in research any harmful effects of Magni-Phi on good bacteria in the gut. We continue to run microbiota analysis in an applied research setting to learn more.
Is there any possibility of destroying Cocci Vaccine by Magni-Phi?
The effect of Magni-Phi has been evaluated in research trials on three different types of coccidiosis vaccines: those containing attenuated, virulent, or a mixture of attenuated and virulent coccidia. Despite lower oocyst counts during that initial period, immunity offered by the vaccines was not compromised. In one study, following a severe challenge at day 28, coccidia lesion scores were not significantly different between vaccinated birds fed diets either with or without Magni-Phi. Vaccinated birds fed Magni-Phi had significantly improved feed conversions at both 28 and 42 days of age. The complete trial was published in Poultry Science and details can be found at:
What is the saponin concentration in Magni-Phi?
The average saponin concentration in Magni-Phi, is approximately 4.4% w/w.
Does Magni-Phi work better early, late or throughout?
The first choice is to use Magni-Phi from start to finish. The next best choice is to use it early (starter and grower feed rations).
At what feeding level would you use of Magni-Phi when on a coccidia vaccine program?
You can use 250, 375 or 500 ppm. The effects on the product are feeding level dependent.
Does Magni-Phi completely eradicate the coccidia vaccine?
No, we have research that shows that Magni-Phi modulates the cycling between 30% and 60% based on the species of coccidian. Cycling time is not affected. We have also shown that immunity provided by the vaccine is not affected. In these same trials, we’ve seen performance parameters of the birds fed Magni-Phi improve over control birds.
How are producers using Magni-Phi in the field?
Magni-Phi has been used to support and help improve gut health which leads to better pathogen control and nutrient absorption. This results in improved productivity in antibiotic-free / no antibiotics ever / organic systems. As we have more producers adopt the use of Magni-Phi, we are learning more and more about the effects on the intestinal tract from the digestibility standpoint. These effects can lead to better performance and yield but may also help decrease the colonization of other relevant pathogens that plague the chicken production system. Producers also use Magni-Phi in their broiler and breeder coccidiosis vaccine programs as it modulates the deleterious effect of the coccidia vaccine on the intestinal tract. The delivery systems for these vaccines are less than ideal and on occasion leave some birds without exposure to the parasite. In addition, the management program of the birds during rearing plays a crucial role in the cycling of the parasite, which leads to immunity. The use of Magni-Phi helps the producer avoid the possible mistakes produced during the events that can lead to serious breaks of coccidiosis or even necrotic enteritis. Magni-Phi can also be used in combination with ionophores, essential oils, chemical anticoccidials and coccidiosis vaccines – after over 50 controlled studies we have confirmed with confidence that Magni-Phi has an additive effect on the performance of these technologies.
What performance benefits can I expect to see from feeding Magni-Phi?
In numerous field applications and over 50 controlled trials, birds fed Magni-Phi have shown improved intestinal health and increased villus structure, leading to improved nutrient digestibility and better bird performance. Absorption of fats, minerals and proteins increases as a result of feeding Magni-Phi. This increased nutrient absorption results in better body weights. Improved growth is highly correlated with better carcass yield. Studies show that when birds were fed Magni-Phi whole carcass yield was improved 1.6% and feed conversion improved by five points1. Feeding Magni-Phi improves growth performance and efficiency of feed utilization because the intestine is healthier. 1K. W. Bafundo, K. Männer & I. Duerr (2021): The combination of quillaja and yucca saponins in broilers: effects on performance, nutrient digestibility and ileal morphometrics, British Poultry Science, DOI:10.1080/00071668.2021.1891523
How does Magni-Phi work?
Both compounds that make up Magni-Phi have a specific action on the immune response of poultry. The Quillaja saponin works to stimulate the immune system which helps prevent pathogen attachment to the host and the Yucca saponin modulates the host’s innate and adaptive immune systems. In simple terms, it improves the digestive system of poultry to help fight off the pathogens and leaves those cells to work on absorption of nutrients, which translates into an improved digestibility of protein, fats and minerals.
What is in Magni-Phi® nutritional specialty product?
Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product contains a specialized proprietary blend of triterpenoid and steroidal saponins from Quillaja saponaria from Chile and Yucca schidigera. It is a natural solution that promotes the intestinal integrity of poultry, which helps improve defense against pathogens. It fits in today’s poultry production environment since it meets the need to produce antibiotic-free protein.

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