Proven, Natural Solution for Improved Gut Health in Poultry

A healthy flock starts with a healthy gut.

Improved intestinal integrity can lead to positive impacts across your poultry operation:

  •  Performance and Yield
  •  Intestinal Health
  •  Pathogen Modulation
  •  Nutrient Absorption
  •  Immune Response
  •  Inflammation
  •  Ammonia
  •  Foot Health

Scientifically proven to support gut health for poultry.

For poultry producers, Magni-Phi® nutritional specialty products have consistently demonstrated improved intestinal health and immune response as a natural alternative to antibiotics in countless poultry operations.

5-pt improvement in feed conversion rate*?

It’s all in the research.

*Actual results may vary.


  • Helps support intestinal integrity, which leads to improved immune health
  • Offers increased digestibility, which leads to increased carcass yield
  • Features all-natural ingredients to help meet increasing consumer demand for poultry raised without antibiotics
  • Helps reduce the potential for ammonia output
  • Can be used effectively with live coccidiosis and salmonella vaccines

Magni-Phi Ultra

  • Offers improved efficiency for reduced shipping costs and improved logistics at the customer level
  • Highly efficient feeding rate doubles value with one bag of Magni-Phi Ultra equal to two bags of Magni-Phi
  • Features a higher saponin concentration, as compared to the original Magni-Phi
  • Performs well in low- and high-challenge situations
  • Can be used effectively with live coccidiosis and salmonella vaccines

Poultry Health Research and Resources

See research trials and access helpful resources to support your poultry operation

Magni-Phi - supports intestinal health

Learn about how Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product supports a bird’s immune system, helping improve intestinal health and supporting the defense against important intestinal pathogens in poultry.

Pathogen Modulation

Trials identify how feeding Magni-Phi helps support the specific immune response for pathogens.


Nutrient Absorption Improvements

Results indicated that feeding Magni-Phi exerted a positive influence on the intestinal tract.

Meet the Magni-Phi Team

Ken Bafundo
Sr. Director Global Technical Services
Luis Gomez
Sr. Director of Poultry Global Technical Services
Vasil Stanev
Director Global Technical Services Poultry Intestinal Health and Nutrition
Hector Badillo
SVP Global Marketing
Sandra Bonaspetti
Director of Poultry Global Technical Services Intestinal Health and Nutrition

All Magni-Phi products are appropriate for organic production use and are on the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) products list.

Phibro’s DQA® program is not just about testing ingredients. It is our promise to produce only the highest-quality products – from the sourcing of raw materials to our manufacturing process to industry-leading expertise and technical support. It is this commitment to excellence that helps us ensure our products are safe and effective for your animals.

Talk To Your Poultry Advisor

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