Scientifically Proven to Support Poultry Gut Health

The following studies have demonstrated the potential of Magni-Phi® nutritional specialty product as part of an antibiotic-free production system. Research is ongoing, so we will continue to update this page with the latest trials and findings.

Magni-Phi - supports intestinal health

Learn about how Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product supports a bird’s immune system, helping improve intestinal health and supporting the defense against important intestinal pathogens in poultry.

Effects of Magni-Phi on Performance, Clostridium Counts and Salmonella Incidence

Trials identify how feeding Magni-Phi helps support the specific immune response for pathogens.


Magni-Phi: Improving Performance and Carcass Traits of Coccidia-Vaccinated Broilers

Results indicated that feeding Magni-Phi exerted a positive influence on the intestinal tract.

Magni-Phi: A Powerful Combination for Broiler Performance

Trials showed how Magni-Phi positively affected carcass parameters for broiler chickens.

Magni-Phi - Natural Enteric Solution

See how Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product offers an antibiotic-free solution

Trials Demonstrate Effect of a Saponin Nutritional Specialty Product on Performance as well as Necrotic Enteritis and Salmonella Infections.

A series of four trials were conducted to measure the effect of Magni-Phi fed at two levels in the presence of a severe disease challenge with multiple pathogenic organisms.

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