A Hidden Threat to Your Dairy

Wild yeast can create issues for your dairy operation, including decreased forage stability, loss of nutrients in silage, decreased milk production and decreased milk fat. With OmniGen® WYC nutritional specialty product, you can help reduce stress and its negative health effects in your dairy cattle, including wild yeast challenges. When fed consistently, OmniGen WYC helps improve immune function, which can lead to fewer infectious and metabolic diseases in your herd.

Reduce Stress Response in Dairy Cows Challenged by Wild Yeast

OmniGen WYC includes selectively sourced microbial ingredients, vitamins and aluminosilicates, proven to provide specific biological activities, with potassium sorbate added to help combat the negative health effects of wild yeast. When fed consistently, OmniGen WYC helps your dairy cows be and stay healthy by improving immune function, which may decrease infectious and metabolic diseases.

Outstanding Products Start With Outstanding Ingredients

OmniGen products are combinations of selectively sourced ingredients, including all-natural aluminosilicates, yeast components and other ingredients — all produced using Phibro’s formulation expertise and unique processing technologies. All OmniGen nutritional specialty products are evaluated using our rigorous Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA®) program.

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The success of your dairy operation is directly related to the success of your herd. At Phibro, we utilize the services of known and reputable third-party labs to perform total mixed ration (TMR), feed and forage analysis in the event that there are concerns with wild yeast or other contamination. With Phibro as your partner, you can count on OmniGen WYC to help achieve the results you want.

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