Help Increase Your Organic Dairy’s Profitability with OmniGen® Green

As an organic dairy producer, you know the dedication and standards needed to maintain a healthy herd and provide quality organic dairy products in a socially responsible way. Including OmniGen Green in your dairy cows’ organic rations helps improve immune function, which can lead to fewer infectious and metabolic diseases in your herd — for the quality organic milk you need, with the optimized profitability you want.

Your Organic Solution

Adding OmniGen Green to your dairy cows’ diet helps maintain immune competency, which can help:

  • Increase milk and component yield per cow
  • Decrease discarded milk
  • Improve milk value ($/cwt)
    • Increase percentage fat and protein
    • Lower somatic cell counts (SCC)
  • Lower disease treatment expense (homeopathic interventions, labor and veterinary)
  • Lower reproductive expense (hormones, semen, labor and veterinary)
  • Lower replacement expense (fewer involuntary culls)

Outstanding Products Start With Outstanding Ingredients

OmniGen products are combinations of selectively sourced ingredients, including all-natural aluminosilicates, yeast components and other ingredients — all produced using Phibro’s formulation expertise and unique processing technologies. All OmniGen nutritional specialty products are evaluated using our rigorous Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA®) program.

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The success of your organic dairy operation is directly related to the success of your herd. With Phibro Animal Health Corporation as your partner, you can count on OmniGen Green to help achieve the results you want.

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