Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA®)

Phibro has been supplying the animal feed industry for decades and the principles of Phibro’s DQA program have been our backbone from the start.

Mineral manufacturing processes can vary significantly from supplier to supplier, affecting mineral quality and consistency. At Phibro, product quality is not simply a determination of ingredient testing; it is our promise to provide the people, technologies and processes necessary to produce the solutions you need.

Our DQA program integrates efficacy, through material science and biological research, with safety, through product quality and certified manufacturing systems. We take a systematic approach to fully understand mineral ingredients and the manufacturing methods used to process them, then conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of those raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Phibro takes mineral analysis beyond major elements and contaminant testing to include a 162-point elemental fingerprint scan, physical testing and crystalline phase identification. We routinely analyze our products in thorough detail to ensure ongoing product efficacy.

Focus on your business and the things that are important to you without worrying about the ingredients and complex supply chain systems in place.

From raw material sourcing to order delivery, you can trust Phibro industry experience and technical expertise. This commitment to excellence shapes and guides how we think and work, and helps us instill confidence that our products are safe, high-quality, consistent and effective for your animals – every time.

Our Program

Biological Research

Understanding the customer need is foundational to our animal research. Phibro links chemistry with biology because we understand chemistry drives the biological responses. Our Biological Research Team conducts in vitro and in vivo trials to compare mineral ingredients; observe modes of action across species at the cellular, organ and animal levels; and identify the specific chemical parameters that are driving biological actions.

Our team follows a standard set of protocols to ensure accurate, reproduceable data is collected. You can rely on the quality and consistency of our research data to guide your understanding of how a product works and how it can be applied in your system to help return the desired animal health and performance outcomes.



At Phibro, we believe minimizing variation is key to producing quality products. We strive for stability in our:

  • Workforce.
  • Software programs controlled by in-house engineers.
  • Manufacturing processes through predictive and preventive maintenance programs.

The proof is in our process. Phibro manufacturing systems are designed so that:

  • All ingredients that enter Phibro facilities are tracked individually through our process using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, including every shipment.
  • Scale and magnet verification checks are performed daily, during every shift.
  • Elemental and color sequencing are conducted on every product formulation we offer.
  • Mixing systems are validated to ensure the proper blending time.
  • Minimal conveyance after mixing limits overhandling and product segregation.
  • A yield check is completed after every production run to ensure processing efficiency.


Material Science

Our ingredient selection is driven by our Material Science Team’s focused and disciplined evaluation of mineral quality. We bridge chemistry with biological data to determine efficacy and biological impact on the animal for each Phibro product.

The team combines years of experience in ingredients selection with a deep understanding of minerals and the chemical composition of each to develop a complete physical and chemical profile. We assess crystalline structure, bonding, and chemical parameters compared against biological actions.

The purpose of this work is to verify the safety and quality of each mineral ingredient and its source before it is ever introduced into our manufacturing process.


Quality & Food Safety

Animal feed safety and quality have long been top-of-mind for our teams at Phibro – well before the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) went into effect. Our quality program helps ensure a safe and consistent food source for your animals, but also offers peace of mind as we confront the safety, quality and manufacturing considerations to reduce your risk.

Traceability is a key component of our quality program because it protects customers in the case of a concern. Phibro is able to track each unit of product forward and backward throughout our production process. Please contact us for traceability information.

Phibro’s quality management system takes a comprehensive approach to risk analysis that is in sync with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each ingredient is assessed for contamination potential from biological concerns, chemical concerns, or physical hazards. We then evaluate our manufacturing processes to identify and address any other potential hazards.