OmniGen-AF® Nutritional Specialty Product Awarded 2019 Golden Innovation Award

Phibro Dairy Technical Specialist,
Marie-Laure Ocaña Mainsant, Accepts Award at SPACE

OmniGen has been recognized on a global stage, receiving a prestigious 2019 Golden Innovation Award for its impact on dairy cow nutrition. This award comes after Phibro Animal Health Corporation introduced its patented OmniGen-AF® nutritional specialty product (now marketed by Phibro under the brand name OmniGen) in Europe to help dairy producers protect their herds from negative health and economic effects associated with heat-stressed dairy cattle. Marie-Laure Ocaña Mainsant, Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro Animal Health Corporation, accepted the award on behalf of Phibro.

Livestock professionals from around the globe convened in Rennes, France, to celebrate industry innovations and those who bring new technologies at SPACE international exhibition for animal production. Every year, Groupe France Agricole and L’Eleveur Laitier, the first press group specialized in agriculture and dairy business, organize an Innovation Awards ceremony alongside SPACE in six categories: health, nutrition, equipment, machinery, milking material and services. A panel of experts judged the entries based on each innovation’s technical and economic impacts on farmer productivity.

“It was an honor to accept this award on behalf of Phibro at this global forum of livestock innovators,” says Marie-Laure Ocaña Mainsant, Dairy Technical Specialist, Phibro Animal Health. “In Europe and around the globe, dairy producers are finding that feeding OmniGen to their dairy herd improves health and productivity, and improvements in health have been shown to reduce potential reproductive delays. Producers are turning to OmniGen to improve cow comfort and productivity alike.”

The 2019 Golden Innovation Award winners, including OmniGen nutritional specialty product, was highlighted in the September issue of L’Eleveur Laitier. They were also showcased in a recent issue of La France Agricole.