Our Commitment: We are with you, Even when we are apart

Today more than ever, consumers are looking for reassurance of an abundant, healthy and affordable food supply. While our “new normal” has cast a brighter spotlight on the necessity of food, livestock producers continue to deliver in the face of adversity, providing the nutritious and protein-packed meat, milk and eggs that many previously took for granted on their grocery store shelves.

Producers are not impervious to the effects of COVID-19 that have temporarily changed our way of life. Like far too many Americans, producers’ livelihoods are at stake under the threat of the global pandemic. But while it’s a challenge unlike any to date, U.S. consumers can be confident that livestock producers have persevered against countless significant challenges before, battling back from collapsed markets, labor and plant capacity shortages, trade disputes and disease outbreaks. They have risen to every challenge cast upon them.

Dairy producers continue to work from dawn until dusk to care for their herds, despite losing vital restaurant and school demand for milk and cheese. Beef producers continue to protect the health of their cattle from calving to finish and every day in between. Swine producers continue to raise healthy pigs to meet growing demand for a lean pork product, while poultry producers continue to care for their birds to provide a healthful, wholesome protein source. Aqua producers remain focused on providing a sustainable and economical food source. When it comes to caring for their animals, it’s business as usual for producers of livestock, poultry and aqua, despite all that has temporarily been changed and challenged.

Phibro Animal Health Corporation has never been prouder to support those at the foundation of the world’s food chain. We share producers’ steadfast commitment to animal health and food safety. Despite these unprecedented times, producers can rest assured that we are there to provide them, their veterinarians and their nutritionists with a comprehensive portfolio of animal health solutions.

We know our industry will soon come together again — over tailgates, in barns and at shows and industry events. In the meantime, all of us at Phibro stand confidently behind the livestock industry. Now, more than ever, we appreciate the essential work they do for the health of animals and people alike. Together, we will continue to persevere.