Phibro Empowers Dairy Producers through Products, Education and Expertise

The company’s commitment to the dairy industry
begins with empowering producers to take control of herd health;
This commitment will be highlighted at World Dairy Expo

Dairy producers know Phibro Animal Health Corporation as a provider of nutritional specialty products designed to help keep dairy cows healthy and productive. Following through on its commitment to the dairy industry, Phibro continues to empower producers through product expertise and educational opportunities, which will be highlighted at the 2021 World Dairy Expo.
“Don’t Just Do DCAD. Do DCAD Right.”
When it comes to reducing the negative effects hypocalcemia has on cow health and  productivity, empowerment stems from helping producers improve the calcium status of transition cow health by correctly implementing a negative DCAD diet that works harder.
“Anyone can ‘do’ DCAD – but we want to empower producers to ‘Do DCAD right,’” says Ken Zanzalari, Ph.D., Dipl. ACAN, Product Director, Animate. “Our Animate® program is a targeted approach that can help producers reduce negative health events and keep cows productive, because the right product and program make all the difference.”
To improve the calcium status of their transition cows, Zanzalari recommends producers keep these steps in mind:

  1. Go for a low pH (5.5 – 6.0) to ensure cows are fully acidified and in optimal calcium metabolism
  2. Make every bite count by feeding a product that keeps cows on feed
  3. Feed, verify and repeat to maximize the investment made in your prepartum program
  4. Track the trends and connect your farm advisors to help keep your prepartum program on track

Maintaining Herd Health Through Dairy’s Toughest Challenges
Through immune support, producers are empowered to maintain herd health despite dairy’s toughest challenges. Phibro’s OmniGen® family of products can help improve immune response. A strong immune system is a first line of defense against Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS), as well as other common issues such as heat stress and mastitis, where cases have been shown to be reduced from 18% to 10% (Mammi, L. et al., 2015. PAHC OG050815). Improved immune function also has been shown to improve conception rates by reducing days open.
“The OmniGen portfolio of nutritional specialty products was formulated to empower producers to maintain control, even when cows are under stress or faced with disease or reproductive challenges,” says Paulo Rezende Napier, OmniGen Marketing Director. “Our commitment to producers expands beyond the product. Phibro designed a Dairy Cattle Stress Assessment to help producers identify the presence and level of stressors on their operation – just one example of how we partner with producers to help them maximize productivity.”

Education for an Evolving Industry at World Dairy Expo
While Phibro offers a broad portfolio of nutritional products and 24/7 on-farm support, it also strives to empower producers through education.
Learning opportunities will abound at Phibro’s booth (#EH4516) and new outdoor tent (TMFF) at the 2021 World Dairy Expo event, to be held in Madison Sept. 28-Oct. 2.
Phibro, a Five-Star Sponsor of this year’s event, will host two mineral nutrition knowledge nook sessions. In addition, Phibro will lead a number of “fireside chats,” sponsored by Phibro Academy, on a variety of topics affecting producers’ ROI. A small sampling of these topics includes:

  • The Economics of Immune Support
  • 2021 Mold & Mycotoxin Outlook
  • Importance of “Doing DCAD Right”
  • Dairy Rocks – A Twist on Mineral Nutrition
  • Leveraging the Microbiome
  • Stress on the Farm: How it Impacts Cows (and Producers)
  • Dairy Stewardship Story

Phibro Academy Takes Learning Online and Abroad
Producers can also learn and exchange ideas with global animal health experts from the comfort of home. Launched in 2020, Phibro Academy is a digital platform that provides access to Phibro’s animal health and nutrition partners and experts around the world. Since its inception, Phibro Academy has offered more than 200 free digital courses (some for continuing education credit) that have been viewed by more than 20,000 learners in 112 countries. New courses are added regularly on dairy-relevant topics ranging from transition cow health and DCAD diets to heat stress, rumen health, mycotoxins and immune function.
“While Phibro Academy took shape when our industry was unable to come together in person, there will always be a need for web-based education,” says Hector Badillo, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing. “We are uniquely positioned to curate expertise from dairy experts around the world and are glad to share it with producers, nutritionists, veterinarians and others in the industry.”
Registration for Phibro Academy is free; individuals can sign up at

To learn more about Phibro’s products, stop by the Phibro booth or tent at WDE, contact your local Phibro representative or visit