Phibro Presents Research at ADSA and ASAS

New Research Shows Effectiveness of Minerals, Nutritional Supplements in Helping Dairy Producers Solve Real-World Challenges

University researchers, dairy experts present practical research results,  benefits of Vistore®, OmniGen® and Animate® products at ADSA and ASAS 

From nutritional specialty products to mineral nutrition, Phibro Animal Health Corporation offers a scientifically-proven product portfolio to help dairy producers solve real-world challenges. Phibro has partnered with university and dairy industry experts to conduct research trials to better understand the efficacy of rumen fermentation, stress and inflammation, and transition cow mineral metabolism, and their impacts on performance. Research findings were presented at the 2021 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) events, held last week. 

The Mineral Matters  

Phibro completed several in vitro research projects to test the effectiveness of mineral sources on ruminal fermentation. These research projects included: 

Effects of Different Forms of Cu on In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation and Digestibility of a Lactation Diet (Y. Jiang, G.A. Blakeney, D. Nuzback, B. Humphrey, M. Garcia) 

Effects of Different Sources of Zn on In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation and Digestibility of a Lactation Diet (Y. Jiang, G.A. Blakeney, D. Nuzback, B. Humphrey, M. Garcia) 

“From copper to zinc, these studies confirmed that the type of mineral source has a huge impact on rumen function; from a microbiome standpoint, the type of mineral really matters,” says Dr. Brooke Humphrey, Senior Director, Collaborative Research, Phibro Animal Health Corporation. “Even though dietary mineral inclusion levels are low they can have a large impact on microbial activity and in vitro ruminal fermentation and digestibility. This is one reason why the type of trace mineral source matters to rumen function.” 

Phibro also examined the ruminal effects of their newest product in the OmniGen lineup, OmniGen Pro. 

Effects of OmniGen® Pro on Rumen Fermentation Parameters of Holstein Cattle Fed and Early-Lactation Diet (Y. Jiang, J.D. Chapman, E. Sharman, B. Humphrey, M. Garcia) 

When it comes to balancing rumen health, it’s all about providing the right nutrients in the right form to enhance fermentation. “This research demonstrated the efficacy of OmniGen Pro on desirable markers of fermentation when feeding early lactation diets,” says Humphrey. “Including OmniGen Pro improved total volatile fatty acids while reducing acetate to propionate ratios, which is the type of fermentation pattern we like to promote for better milk production.”   

Building Understanding of the Response to OmniGen from Stress Related to Improper Feeding Management  

Recent research shows that OmniGen Pro impacts the systemic stress response during digestive disorders associated with high-yielding dairy cows. OmniGen promotes systemic changes on important immune markers, maintains pH and may help maintain a healthy metabolism and immunity by regulating responses to subacute ruminal acidosis. “Collectively these markers indicate lower digestive stress as shown by reduced rumen lactate when feeding OmniGen Pro,” says Humphrey. A cow with lower immune and stress markers has the ability to mitigate digestive orders such as subacute rumen acidosis.” 

Effectiveness of OmniGen® Pro on Biomarkers of Stress and Inflammation of Holstein Cattle (Y. Jiang, J.D. Chapman, E. Sharman, B. Humphrey, M. Garcia) 

Phibro’s OmniGen nutritional specialty products have a long history of showing beneficial impacts that support animal health. OmniGen AF®, the cornerstone of the OmniGen portfolio, is a nutritional supplement that bolsters dairy immunity.  By quantifying overall gene expression in whole-blood, research study showed that OmniGen AF begins modifying the immune system’s ability to respond by 17 days (further enhancing after 35 days). 

Whole-blood Transcriptomic Signature After 17 and 35 Days of Feeding OmniGen AF to Prepartum Holstein Cows (Miriam Garcia, James Chapman, Brooke Humphrey) 

“When we feed OmniGen, we see farm level changes in the ability of the animal’s immune system to respond to different stressors,” Humphrey states. “We are building a deeper understanding of the underlying cellular level changes that occur in response to OmniGen feeding, which is helping to explain how and when OmniGen is programming the immune response so customers can have better success and confidence when feeding.  We are excited to see how quickly OmniGen helps to modify transcriptional events at the immune cell level that are associated with the farm level benefits that our customers care most about.”  

Prepartum DCAD Strategies for Transition Cows 

Managing and mitigating preparturient hypocalcemia is another common challenge that dairy producers must overcome to help maximize animal health and performance. Researchers examined the effect of prepartum DCAD and dietary calcium concentrations on calcium status and postpartum milk production. Results supported feeding high calcium in conjunction with a fully acidogenic DCAD diet during the prepartum period – a recommendation at the core of Phibro’s Animate® feeding strategy.  

Effect of Prepartum Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) Strategy and Level of Dietary Calcium (Ca) on Postpartum Ca Status and Performance of Multiparous Holstein Cows (G.M. Graef, A.L. Kerwin, L.N. Ferro, S. Ordaz-Puga, C.M. Ryan, T.A. Westhoff, D.M. Barbano, K.M. Glosson, K.P. Zanzalari, J.D. Chapman, D.J. McLean, T.R. Overton) 

“We were interested in observing the effects on health and productivity of transition cows fed either a partially or fully acidogenic prepartum diet, and how dietary calcium levels effect these two strategies.” says Humphrey. “Enhancing  postpartum calcium status is a delicate balance; the research we completed at Cornell helps us better understand the impact that the degree of acidification and level of dietary calcium in a pre-partum diet have on calcium status and milk production.” 

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