MJPRRS® Autogenous Vaccines

For: Swine - Available in: United States

MJPRRS® Autogenous Vaccines* are herd-specific inactivated vaccines for the prevention of losses associated with PRRS in sows and wean-to-finish pigs. The immune stimulating antigens used in MJPRRS Autogenous Vaccines are E-Proteins which differs from the immune-stimulating antigens commonly used in conventional vaccines (N-Proteins). The MJPRRS patented grouping technology allows the flexibility to adjust the scope of immune presentation to the virus’s changing dynamic.

*Potency and efficacy of autogenous biologics have not been established.

Customized vaccination strategy helps Barton Hog Farms control PRRS and reduce economic losses.

Barton Farms achieved a better PRRS virus control, stabilized their sow herd and produced weaned pigs that are negative for PRRS virus thanks to their consulting veterinarian and the help of the technical team at Phibro Animal Health Corporation and MJPRRS® autogenous vaccine.

For Barton Hog Farms it has been a long road since the first PRRS outbreak in the fall of 2015. Rebecca and Bruce Barton recall how it all began with a significant increase in the number of abortions affecting their sow herds. Diagnostic results confirmed the cause to be the introduction of the PRRS virus into their farms. After the virus spread across all of their sow farms, veterinarians established a strategy to control the outbreak through mass vaccination with several commercial modified-live PRRS vaccines (MLV) as well as live virus inoculation (LVI). During the spring and fall that followed the initial outbreak, abortions were reduced and the weaned pigs performed well in the nursery and the finisher phases, even though their serum was intermittently positive for PRRS virus by PCR. In early 2017, new outbreaks occurred on all four of their farms. Barton Hog Farms, in need of a new solution, moved to MJPRRS autogenous vaccine, a customized solution for the PRRS virus. With the help of Phibro’s technical team and the patented MJPRRS grouping technology, Phibro was able to determine the MJPRRS groups affecting Barton’s sow farms. This in turn assisted Phibro in determining the correct MJPRRS vaccine to use for each of their farms. Along with their consulting veterinarian, Phibro’s technical service team developed a customized vaccination strategy utilizing MJPRRS vaccine for each of their farms. This solution helped improve reproductive performance of the sow herds. In addition, and as shown through continued testing of the serum and processing fluids of the weaned piglets, all of Barton’s farms were brought to a status of farrowing and weaning PRRS virus negative pigs.

Barton Farms with the help of the MJPRRS autogenous vaccine, the Phibro technical team and in conjunction with their consulting veterinarian have been able to stabilize their sow herd and produce weaned pigs that are negative for the PRRS virus.