Why Feed Vistore®?

All Vistore mineral products are hydroxychloride mineral sources which may offer benefits over sulfate and oxide mineral sources.

Vistore Mineral Products Function to Help Support:
Copper (Cu 580)
  • Collagen synthesis and maintenance
  • Enzyme function
  • Red blood cell maturation
  • Reproduction
  • Immune response
Manganese (Mn 540)
  • Bone growth and cartilage synthesis
  • Enzyme function
  • Reproduction
  • Immune response
Zinc (Zn 590)
  • Protein synthesis
  • Vitamin A utilization
  • Epithelial tissue integrity
  • Immune response
  • Reproduction

Material science research demonstrates that all Vistore mineral products:

  • Offer desirable purity, with high concentrations of the target mineral.
  • Offer desirable quality, with low heavy metal content.
  • May improve absorption and bioavailability in the animal.
  • Are highly soluble.
  • Are premix stable and protected from antagonists.

The purity, chelation and stability of Vistore mineral products are verified by:

  • Elemental analysis
  • Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • X-ray powder diffraction (XRD)
  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) for neutral and acidic pH

An Alternative to Sulfate Mineral Sources

Experiments were conducted to determine nutrient absorption and bioavailability of Vistore hydroxychloride source mineral products (Cu 580, Zn 590 & Mn 540) versus other inorganic mineral sources.

Figure 1. Effects of Different Copper, Manganese and Zinc Mineral Sources on Performance of Broiler Chicks

Phibro Animal Health Corporation, 2020

Results demonstrated:

  • Improved serum concentrations of target trace mineral(s).
  • Increased mineral content of target trace mineral(s) in bone.
  • Increased mineral concentrations of target trace mineral(s) in the liver.

Production and performance improvements were also reported and directly associated with increased mineral absorption of hydroxychloride mineral sources.


Did You Know?

  • Compared against a leading competitor product, Vistore Zinc (Zn 590) offers 3.9% higher zinc content.
  • Compared against a leading competitor product, Vistore Manganese (Mn 540) offers 11.2% higher manganese content.

Figure 2. Comparison of Vistore Zn 590 and Vistore Mn 540 Major Elements Versus the Leading Competitor

Phibro Animal Health Corporation, 2019



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