A Serious Challenge
Facing You and Your Pigs.

Not All Binders Are Created Equal.

Molds and moisture are forces that continually challenge feed manufacturers and swine producers alike.

Feed grains are ideally stored with moisture concentrations of less than 13% to help “compensate for non-uniform moisture concentrations throughout the grain mass.”* When feed is stored at a high moisture level, it is more susceptible to mold contamination. Mold growth may lead to mycotoxin formation during feed manufacturing, storage, delivery and feeding of the pigs.

*Whitlow, 2005, Proceedings, Florida Ruminant Nutrition Conference, Gainesville

Successfully Manage
Your Feed.

AB20 nutritional specialty product is a specialized clay adsorbent containing hydrated sodium and calcium aluminosilicates that reduces caking and flowability issues by binding moisture present in feed. Binders lower moisture in feed, reducing the potential for mold growth —and lowering mold growth in feed improves its quality. This is important when you consider that some molds can produce a wide range of harmful mycotoxins.

Care With Confidence.

Rock River Laboratory Testing.

You know swine feed performance and health are essential for your success. At Phibro Animal Health, we’re proud to partner with you and provide tailored solutions specific to your farm with analysis and diagnostic tools to evaluate the performance of key factors on your operation. To do so, we partner with an industry leader in advanced diagnostic systems, Rock River Laboratory.

Testing Through Rock River Laboratory.

Customized testing is available to match your specific needs. Packages can be designed to help develop solutions to problems that are commonly experienced on the farm.

Solutions You Can Count On.

You can rely on our solutions because we stand behind what we do with rigorous and stringent quality testing processes. Phibro’s Dynamic Quality Assurance® (DQA®) program is more than just a way of testing ingredients. It is our promise to you that we are dedicated to producing only the highest-quality products. From the sourcing of raw materials and our manufacturing processes to industry-leading expertise and technical support, Phibro’s DQA program shapes and guides how we think and work.

We have the people, technology and commitment to provide the solutions you need—and it is this quality promise to maintain a level of excellence that helps ensure Phibro products are safe and effective for your animals.

AB20 Nutritional Specialty Product:

  • Helps reduce moisture in feed and feed ingredients
  • For use as an anti-caking agent or pelleting aid in an amount not to exceed 2% in the total ration. For use in medicated feeds refer to the current AAFCO OP
  • Packaging: 55-pound (24.9 kilograms) bags and 2,000-pound (907.1 kilograms) totes
  • OMRI Listed: Suitable for organic use

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The success of your swine operation is directly related to feeding pigs for maximum performance. With Phibro as your partner, you can count on AB20 products to help you achieve the results you want.

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