Testimonial – Don’t Just Do DCAD, Do DCAD Right
Thinking about feeding Animate? Hear from this producer about his success with feeding Animate to achieve a low DCAD, high calcium diet.

We Are Phibro
Short 1 minute video highlighting Phibro’s commitment to our customers 

How a Fully Acidogenic Negative DCAD Diet Can Help Keep You Profitable
Three minute video describing the positive changes that occur in calcium metabolism in the prepartum cow when an acidogenic diet is fed

Animate Nutritional Specialty Product
One minute video detailing how feeding Animate can help keep your transition cows healthy

ADSA Virtual Press Conference
Twenty two minute video reviewing the results of a University of Illinois study conducted to investigate the effects of a fully acidogenic, high dietary calcium prepartum diet. Listen to Dr. Jim Drackley, Dr. Kristen Glosson and Dr. Ken Zanzalari discuss the results of this innovative study and the benefits of feeding a similar program on your dairy.

Dairy Business Interview 2013
Interview with Ken Zanzalari, Animate Product Director, during World Dairy Expo 2013. Learn more about milk fever, subclinical hypocalcemia and why feeding and managing to reduce hypocalcemia is beneficial to your cows and your farm profitability.