At Phibro, transforming animal health through breakthrough science is our business. That’s why we created MicroLife®— our best-in-class direct-fed microbials that push technology and animal health benefits forward.

Boost your operation with best-in-class DFMs
In-house Innovation
Drawing from one of the most expansive libraries of bacilli in the industry, we are uniquely able to combine strains to meet the diverse challenges in a given operation, swiftly and effectively.
Depth of Knowledge
Our dedicated specialists are relentless in their research, continually unlocking the potential of multiple DFM combinations to deliver exceptional performance and value.
Phibro Support
Our Dynamic Quality Assurance program ensures that every product is backed by the highest-quality raw materials, manufacturing process excellence, industry expertise, technical research and support.
Explore The Science And Success Of Microlife

Scott Carter
Vice President, Microbials Business
Luis Gomez
Senior Director
Kevin Bolek
Microbials Innovation Director
Paulo Rezende Napier
Director, Global Marketing

Add MicroLife To Your Operation

For more information about how direct-fed microbials from Phibro Animal Health Corporation can support the health of your animals and the profitability of your operation, contact a Phibro representative near you.