The MB-1® vaccine adjusts its release to the individual titer of IBD Maternal Antibodies (MAbs) generating the desired immune response in every chick.

  • After injection, the MB-1 vaccine viruses are opsonized with the chick’s Maternal Antibodies (MAbs). These MAbs prevent the virus from replicating too early. After the natural deterioration of the MAbs, the vaccine virus is released and replicates in the chick’s bursa.
  • Chicks hatch with different levels of MAbs, by injecting each embryo/chick with the MB-1 vaccine, the release of the virus and the onset of immunity happens according to the MAbs levels of each specific chick.
  • It works as if we tested the individual MAbs and adjusted the vaccination timing for each chick!
  • A single dose of the MB-1 vaccine protects for the lifetime of the bird