An Evolution in IBD Hatchery Vaccination


Q: Why should I use the MB-1™ vaccine?
A: The MB-1 vaccine is individually released and adjusted to the maternal antibody level of each chick and provides active immunity as soon as passive immunity declines. On average, it works 4 days earlier than other hatchery vaccines and protects against any form of the Gumboro field virus: classical, variant and very virulent strains.
Q: Is there a risk of immunosuppression when using the MB-1 vaccine?
A: The MB-1 vaccine is not immunosuppressive. Our data and field trials have proven that the bird’s immune system functions normally. The MB-1 vaccine does not interfere with the immune response to other vaccines applied concurrently and can be applied in-ovo or subcutaneous in the hatchery providing full control of the vaccination process and efficacy.
Q: What will happen if I inject chicks with very high levels of maternal immunity?
A: We have successfully tested the MB-1 vaccine in day-old broiler chicks with MAbs as high as 10,000 (Elisa, IDEXX XR). It is safe to vaccinate chicks with very high MAbs, it will not affect the vaccine and since it provides individual timing of immunity, these chicks will achieve active immunity somewhat later than the ones with lower immunity titers.
Q: Is it safe to inject chicks with very low levels of maternal immunity?
A: YES, our trials have proven that chicks with at least 600 (Elisa IDEXX XR) are safe to be vaccinated with the MB-1 vaccine and will perform as good as any other chick.
Q: What would happen if some chicks don’t receive the vaccine?
A: The MB-1 vaccine is produced using the M.B. strain. If a few chicks are not injected, they will get immunity from the spreading ability of the virus in the flock.