The MB-1® vaccine provides, on average, 4-day earlier Onset Of Immunity (OOI) compared to other hatchery vaccines.

  • The MB-1 hatchery vaccine solution provides easy, accurate and controlled application that results in an OOI as early as a live Gumboro vaccine given at the correct timing on the farm.
  • Our field trails have shown that the MB-1 vaccine has the same safety index as immune-complex vaccines and provides an earlier onset of immunity.

MB-1 vaccine comparison study (Brazil 2017).

IBD ELISA titers from commercial broilers vaccinated with the MB-1 vaccine were compared to commercial broilers vaccinated with an immune-complex vaccine.

The MB-1 vaccine provides an earlier onset of immunity and higher antibody titers compared to the immune-complex vaccines.

Earlier identification of the MB-1 vaccine strain in the targeted immune organs by PCR