The MB-1® vaccine is safe and does not interfere with the immune response to other vaccines.

  • The MB-1 vaccine is safe, and can be used for the immunization of healthy layers, breeders and broiler chickens.
  • The MB-1 vaccine attenuation level enables the vaccine to successfully protect against any current form of IBD including vvIBDV.
  • The MB-1 vaccine does not interfere with the immune response to other vaccines applied concurrently or individually to any type of chicken. It can be applied with Marek’s vaccine, Vector vaccine, Nectiv Forte and/or Pox vaccine. The application of this vaccine does not generate immunosuppression.

MB-1 vaccine in layer chicks, Vietnam 2021

50,000 ISA BROWN layer chicks were vaccinated in the hatchery with the MB-1 vaccine and placed in a floor pen commercial pullet farm in Tien Giang province, Vietnam.

Safety Results

ND titers – High (21d) and uniform (CV) ND antibody titer response indicates no interference (no immunosuppressive effects) from the MB-1 vaccine in protection against ND.

ND ELISA titers and CV                         ND ELISA titers

Interference with Marek’s vaccines – HVT & CVI viruses detected in feather follicles at 42d of age indicates no interference by the MB-1 vaccine virus with protection from MD.

Bursa to body weight ratio and histopathology, both parameters indicate bursa recovery starting from 32 days of age.

Bursa to Body Weight ratio

Histopathology score