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Nutritional Specialty Products

  • OmniGen-AF®

    OmniGen-AF,  a patented nutritional specialty product, is recommended to be fed to dairy cattle every day to help support healthy immune function in the face of expected and unexpected stress events. Product Detail 

  • Animate®

    Animate  anionic mineral product is a thoroughly researched and field tested product designed for dry cow rations.  Animate helps to optimize calcium metabolism through proper prepartum acidification which may result in healthier, more productive dairy cows. Product Detail

  • Cellerate Yeast Solutions®

    Cellerate Yeast Solutions, a distinctive portfolio of products, supports creation of original solutions for every species and every stage of production where yeast products are fed.  Cellerate Yeast Solutions are strengthened by more than 80 years of Phibro’s dedication to animal health and nutrition.  

  • AB20®

    AB20® specialty product is a bentonite adsorbent, containing hydrated sodium and calcium aluminosilicates, that reduces caking and flowability issues by binding moisture that is present in feed. Lower moisture in feed reduces the potential for mold growth—and lowering mold growth in feed improves its quality. This is important when you consider that some molds can produce a wide range of harmful mycotoxins.


  • Tailor-Made® Autogenous Vaccines

    Tailor Made® Autogenous Vaccines* are herd-specific, inactivated biologics for the prevention of losses associated with both emerging diseases and regional variation of existing strains. Our diagnostic and R&D capabilities isolate and identify  disease-causing pathogens for the production of  safe, multivalent autogenous vaccines. *Potency and efficacy of autogenous biologics have not been established.

Medicated Feed Additives

Mineral Nutrition

  • GemStone®

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