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Nutritional Specialty Products

  • Magni-Phi®

    Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product is a natural, proprietary blend of triterpenoid saponins. Literature and laboratory research have shown that saponins can help improve immune response in poultry which may lead to: better nutrient utilization, improved gut health and condition, and improved performance. 

  • Cellerate Yeast Solutions®

    Cellerate Yeast Solutions portfolio of yeast culture products are recommended to be fed every day to help support optimum rumen function. Optimum rumen function may lead to improved fiber digestion, DMI, growth and production. Learn More.

  • Provia Prime™

    Provia Prime™, direct-fed microbial offers a unique combination of four Bacillus strains important in optimizing a bird’s gut microbiome. A healthy gut environment can result in reduced lesions from pathogens, lower mortality rates and increased meat yield. Learn More.

  • Magni-Phi® Ultra

    Magni-Phi nutritional specialty product is composed of two saponin ingredients that have been shown to improve intestinal integrity while supporting the immune response against important pathogens in poultry. The original version of Magni-Phi contains approximately 4% total saponins. The new version, called Magni-Phi Ultra, is more concentrated and has an 8% total saponin content. Since the new formula contains twice the saponin content, one-half of the standard amount is needed to achieve the desired level of Magni-Phi per ton of feed.

  • Provia® Pace

    Provia® Pace direct-fed microbial offers a combination of two microbial strains of Bacillus subtillis and Bacillus licheniformis, chosen for their demonstrated effects to help promotes optimal feed utilization, growth and poultry performance. Learn More.

  • AB20®

    AB20® specialty product is a bentonite adsorbent, containing hydrated sodium and calcium aluminosilicates, that reduces caking and flowability issues by binding moisture that is present in feed. Lower moisture in feed reduces the potential for mold growth—and lowering mold growth in feed improves its quality. This is important when you consider that some molds can produce a wide range of harmful mycotoxins.

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