Product Overview: Magni-Phi Ultra

With more than twice the concentration of saponins found in standard Magni-Phi®️ nutritional specialty product, watch to learn about how Magni-Phi Ultra supports a bird’s gut health at lower feeding rates.

Poultry producers don’t have to choose between elevating intestinal health and improving immune response. When it comes to poultry health and performance, immunity matters — and producers need effective immune support that can help aid pathogen modulation to help safeguard the health of their flock in any condition.

Magni-Phi® Ultra nutritional specialty product has consistently demonstrated improved intestinal health and immune response as a natural alternative to antibiotics in many poultry operations. Controlled studies in low- and moderate-challenge conditions have demonstrated that feeding Magni-Phi Ultra can improve the specific immune response for pathogen modulation, which can support a healthier flock and help reduce risk for your operation.

This more highly concentrated formula features higher saponin levels with an overall improved saponin profile that performs well in a wide range of conditions — just one of the reasons that poultry producers can be confident when feeding Magni-Phi Ultra.

“Magni-Phi Ultra is backed by science,” says Dr. Luis Gomez, Senior Director of Global Poultry Technical Services, Phibro Animal Health Corporation. “Phibro invests in research to rigorously test its products under a range of conditions. Phibro has the science and the support to show producers how the product impacts immunity across environments which can lead to improvements in feed conversion, body weight and mortality, as well as intestinal permeability, inflammation and coccidiosis lesion scores.”

2022 Study Indicates Improved Gut Health Leads to Pathogen Modulation and Improved Performance when Magni-Phi Ultra was Fed

A 2022 study confirmed that birds fed Magni-Phi Ultra outperformed birds fed either a control diet or a key competitive nutritional specialty product in both moderate-challenge and low-challenge conditions. Birds were divided into three groups: a non-treated control group, a group fed Magni-Phi Ultra and a group fed a competitive product at a comparable feeding level.

In the moderate-challenge group, birds were reared on dirty litter taken from commercial operations with a history of coccidiosis and Clostridium perfringens. Birds in the low-challenge study were reared on clean litter with no disease issues.

In both moderate- and low-challenge environments, birds fed Magni-Phi Ultra were reported to have significantly lower coccidial lesion scores (P < 0.05) and significantly lower incidence of Clostridium perfringens (P < 0.05) (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Birds Fed Magni-Phi Ultra Had Lower Lesion Scores and Disease Incidence

Phibro Animal Health Corporation, 2022. Data on file. Means with different superscripts differ significantly at P < 0.05.

Figure 2. Birds Fed Magni-Phi Displayed Significantly Superior Body Weight Gain and Feed Conversion Rate

Phibro Animal Health Corporation, 2022. Data on file. Means with different superscripts differ significantly at P < 0.05.

This study not only highlights the improved health and performance benefits of this natural, enteric solution, but also demonstrates Phibro’s dedication to creating more ways for poultry producers to achieve success under a range of conditions. Dr. Gomez points out that the data confirms the benefits of Magni-Phi Ultra, explaining, “When a healthier gut environment is realized, the resulting rate of growth is also improved.”

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