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The Impact of Feeding OmniGen®️ in Dry Cows Heat Stressed with an Electric Blanket Model

This white paper summarizes heat stress research conducted at the University of Florida that both demonstrates that heat blankets can be used to induce heat stress conditions for research purposes and that managing heat stress in dry cows can help manage the effects of heat stress on dry period dry matter intake and milk yield in the next lactation.

Five Things You May Not Have Known About Mastitis

Experts Take a Closer Look at One of Dairy’s Most Profit-Draining Challenges.

A Common but Costly Disease

Mastitis Q&A with Dr. Rodrigo Souza, Senior Technical Services Manager, Phibro Animal Health Corporation.

Are Your Dairy Management Practices Putting Your Cows at Risk for Mastitis?

Dr. Rodrigo Souza outlines 10 ways to minimize mastitis risk in your dairy herd.

Heat Stress Reference Guide

This quick-reference guide includes a series of articles covering multiple studies and insights from recent years on the subject of heat stress and its effects on dairy herds.

Keys to Abating the Cumulative Effects of Heat Stress

Dr. Glenn Holub Shares how a Healthy Immune System is a Cow’s First Defense Against Heat Stress

Why High Heat and Humidity Mean Lower Production


Are Your Dairy Cows Heat Stressed?

Dr. Glenn Holub Shares Heat Stress Indicators to Look for in Your Dairy Herd

A Commonsense Approach to Managing Heat Stress

Simple Measures Can Have a Big Effects on Cows Comfort and Production

Optimize Cow Comfort and Health to Help Decrease Mastitis Incidence

Dr. Rodrigo Souza Explores the Risks and Indications of Subclinical and Clinical Mastitis

“Nutritional Solutions to Help Support Healthy Dairy Cows” Brochure

More information about how the OmniGen family of nutritional products help you solve for your toughest challenges.

HBS Reference Guide

Valuable information on the subject of HBS, including latest studies, impact on operations, expert opinions, relationship between HBS and Aspergillus fumigatus, and benefits of immune support.

Inflammation: Risks and Rewards

Increase your understanding of the role inflammation plays in a healthy immune system and how a healthy immune system helps promote rapid resolutions of the inflammatory response.

Dairy Gains Insight from a Stress Assessment

Phibro Stress Assessment, a systematic and comprehensive evaluation that identifies the presence and level of stressors on a dairy. A total of 11 stressors are evaluated during the stress assessment.

Reproductive Performance and Transition to Fresh Cow Immunity

Michael Hodgman, DVM, explains why immunity is lowered during the transition period and shares how this might affect a cow’s reproductive rates and days open

Help Optimize Reproductive Performance and Reduce Days Open

Expert tips for managing the depth and duration of immunosuppression to help improve reproduction rates

The Link Between Immunosuppression and HBS

Where are the stressors affecting cows on your dairy?

Help Safeguard Dairy Cows from Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome


Stop Heat Stress from Draining Your Profits (Q&A)

How Feeding OmniGen® Can Bolster Your Dairy Cattle’s Immune System to Better Defend Against Challenges.

Dairy’s Most Profit-Draining Challenges — Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

Dairy health experts demystify a syndrome that can impact highly productive cows with little warning.

Support Your Herd’s Immunity with OmniGen®

Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the dairy producer’s most economically rewarding management tools. Learn how to put your cows’ immune systems to work for you in this video.

Dairy’s Most Profit-Draining Challenges — Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (Q&A)

Dairy technical expert Dr. Scott Bascom answers common questions about hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS).

AF Prevalence Trends Triannual Report
– August 2022

A summary of Aspergillus fumigatus prevalence in feed samples from 2013 to 2022, with a special spotlight on the last 12 months.

Connecting Aspergillus fumigatus and Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

An interview with HBS expert Dr. Jim Chapman, Ph.D., Senior Research Leader, Phibro Animal Health Corporation.

Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome: Are Your Highly Productive Cows at Risk?

HBS expert shares five tips to keep the deadly syndrome at bay.

Dairy’s Most Profit-Draining Challenges—Heat Stress

Dairy health experts discuss the potential long-term effects of heat stress.

HBS + AF Facts

While HBS is unpredictable and fatal, OmniGen nutritional specialty products offer immune support that can serve as an important line of defense.

Ingredients Selected by Efficacy – Not by Name

While other products may feature ingredients of the same name, these general classifications of ingredients vary significantly in chemical composition and, subsequently, in biological activity.

The Immune System of Ruminants Report

The immune system is a multi-layered complex collection of cells and mechanisms essential for maintaining health and protecting the body from a wide variety of disease-causing organisms or pathogens.

How OmniGen®️ Delivers

See how OmniGen products work to support dairy cattle health.

Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome Technical Bulletin

Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS) is characterized as an acute and sometimes massive hemorrhage in the small intestine (Rowson and LaFaunce, 2014, Figure 1).

Heat Stress Technical Bulletin

Heat is one of many stressors that can affect your herd’s health and productivity.

Days Open Technical Bulletin

Recent research has expanded our understanding of the impacts of fresh cow diseases on reproduction in dairy cows, and how these diseases work to affect reproductive performance.

Mastitis Technical Bulletin

Mastitis is the most common disease in the dairy industry and identified as the third reason cows are permanently removed from a herd (NAHMS, 2014).

The Value of Improving Fertility

Supplementation Can Lead to Improved Fertility and Increased Producers’ Bottom Lines.

Udder Health, Milk Yield and Milk Quality

University of Georgia Study Evaluates Holstein Heifers Fed OmniGen® AF from Five Months Until Freshening, Measures Impact on Mastitis, SCC and Milk Yield

Study Finds Cows Fed OmniGen® Had 10 Fewer Days Open

University Studies Show Improved Dairy Cow Reproductive Performance

Trial Examines Effects of Feeding OmniGen® on Herd with Major Health Issues

University of Georgia with Phibro research team examines OmniGen’s impact on mastitis prevalence and somatic cell counts during stress period.

Nutritional Immunomodulation + Heat Stress – How Are Your Cows Affected?

Study examines the effects of nutritional immunomodulation and heat stress during the dry period on the next lactation performance of dairy cows.1

Trial Measures RNA Differences When Animals are Fed Various Feed Additives

Study Provides Insights into Immune Function Allowing Greater Understanding of Dairy Cows’ Ability to Defend Against Diseases and Syndromes Like HBS.

Connecting the Dots Between Immunity and HBS Incidence

How Feeding OmniGen® Can Bolster Your Dairy Cattle’s Immune System to Better Defend Against Challenges.

Help Alleviate the Effects of Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

84-Day Study Evaluates Whether OmniGen® is Equally Effective in Grazing vs. Confined Dairy Cows1

Four Ways to Protect Your Dairy Cows

Learn how OmniGen nutritional specialty products are formulated to support your herd through some of your operation’s toughest challenges.

Reduced Days Open

Learn how OmniGen nutritional specialty products can help improve immune response leading to fewer health events, which may decrease days open.

Mastitis Reduction

Learn how your ration can help support improved udder health.

Nutrition’s Role in Mitigating the Effects of Heat Stress

Learn how OmniGen nutritional specialty products offer immune support to help your cows handle the effects of heat stress.

Results You Can See. Returns You Can’t Ignore.

In this newer dairy normal, there’s no escaping change. Especially when you’re trying to control costs in an uncertain market.

OmniGen® Research Publications

This collection of published university research and field studies shows that continual use of OmniGen® helps support a healthy immune system.

Researchers Study Effects of Feeding OmniGen® on Reproductive Performance

Feeding OmniGen AF to dairy cows from dry-off to 150 DIM was associated with improved health and performance1.

The Costly Effects of Heat Stress on Dairy Productivity

Unmitigated heat stress can cost an average of $264 per cow2 per year. Fortunately, there are products designed to help.

Study Examines Role of Immunomodulatory Feed Additives

Findings suggest OmniGen AF prepares animals to better resist mastitis infection1

Measuring and Managing HBS and Other Costly Issues

Minnesota dairy producer teams up with Phibro to assess a herd fraught with health and production challenges1.

Continuing Education For Dairy Professionals

For more content from industry experts, sign up for Phibro Academy and access the latest insights on dairy health and more from around the world.
Featured Webinars

Impact of Heat Stress Throughout the Lactation Cycle

In this webinar, we will review the degree that milk yield is reduced with heat stress in lactation and the physiological reasons for those effects.

The High Fertility Cycle

Learn how High Fertility Cycle, coupled with dramatic increases in reproductive performance, has helped explain much of the variation in reproductive performance among herds.

The Impacts of Stress on Dairy Cattle Health & Performance

Dr. Robert Collier, Head of the Department of Animal and Veterinary Science at the University of Idaho, discusses the impacts of stress on dairy health and performance.

Dairy Cattle Products

OmniGen® nutritional specialty products can help supplement your management strategy with a proven 2.5:1 return on investment.3

Optimized Formulation

The solution you know with proven ingredients for dairy cattle nutrition to ensure healthy immune function.

Specialized Formulation

Unique combination of all-natural yeast fermentation products and other ingredients to support healthy immune function and help improve profitability.

Solution for Organic Dairies

OmniGen Green is Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

Supports dairy cattle for organic milk production with an all-natural combination of ingredients.

Wild Yeast Management

Wild Yeast Management Features added ingredients to manage the effects of wild yeast for your ration.
3Actual results my vary.

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